Queen of all things… VODKA

my loyal subjects are delicious….

Belly up to the bar…

And grab  a martini while you listen to me ramble for a minute…..

I’m a single mom in the absolute truest sense of the word.  I have an 11 year old daughter going on 90.  I also have a 6 year old daughter going on 17.  Our cat is female as is our dog.  Lifes a bitch.  Theres a lot of fucking estrogen in my house.  I work my ass off at being a mom, an employee, a student, a coach, a friend, a daughter, and every other goddamn hat you can think of.

I’m sarcastic as they come.  I fight fire with humor and sarcasm.  I sparkle like a vampire.  I drink like a fish whenever I can (which, contrary to what I say, is maybe 1 time a year).

I love music.  I read like its crack and I’m its bitch.

I’m a bitch.  Im a lover.  Im a chi.  Oops, my bad, not trying to rip off Alanis Morrisette here.  I am a bitch tho, just ask any of the men that have ever attempted to be in my life.

I’m also one helluva fun person.  Just stick around, you’ll see 🙂

XOXO & Cheers!!!!!


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