Queen of all things… VODKA

my loyal subjects are delicious….

Never fear, Queenie is HERE!

Oh HELLO out there in bloggy land!!!!  I hope we will all become wonderful friends!

I’m a single mom.  I have two daughters.  My own mother cackles her delight at the fact that these lil witches are my carbon copies……  TIMES TEN.

One of these daughters is on the cusp of becoming a teenager.

Both of these daughters drive me to drink.  😉

This, I’m hoping, will be a FAAAAAAAAABULOUS way for me to be an ADULT with some adult interaction that does not include arguing with these lil snots that I love more than life itself.  My intention is not for this to be a mommy blog.  More of a, “hey, who’s the smart-assed lush?” type blog.  🙂

Here’s hoping you all enjoy!



The Queen

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